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Recreational trails can be great assets to communities.

  • Bring tourists and the associated economic activity;
  • Enhance local businesses by bringing more and new customers;
  • Spur local business development (businesses develop to support trail users)(e.g. bike shops, restaurants, general stores, camping areas); and
  • Provide recreational and exercise opportunities for residents.

In 2007, a Trail Vision for Rensselaer County was developed by the Rensselaer County Alliance for Trails in partnership with the Rensselaer Land Trust and Rensselaer County. Funding was provided by the Hudson River Valley Greenway. The Trail Vision identified a number of potential trail routes in the county. One potential route runs from the New Lebanon town line through Stephentown, Berlin and Petersburgh.

A trail in our town could connect to local businesses and farms, areas of natural or cultural interest, fishing access areas, Cherry Plain State Park trails and other Rensselaer Plateau trails. A group of folks in Stephentown are interested in ultimately making a community trail a reality in Stephentown for our residents and others to enjoy and to help support our local economy.

Both Petersburgh and New Lebanon are working on their pieces of this larger trail vision. Stephentown has a unique opportunity to connect these efforts and help to create a superb recreational trail in Eastern Rensselaer County.

While no specific route for a trail has been determined in Stephentown, our neighbors to the north and south are looking at using the path of the old Rutland Railroad Corkscrew Division. Old Rail beds make great trails because they are generally relatively flat and pass through the downtown business districts of towns. The former Rutland Railroad right of way is fairly unique in that it is now owned by private individuals. A trail in this area could continue North and east to Bennington, Vt. and south to connect into Chatham and the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in Columbia and Dutchess Counties.



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